one of the worst vehicles I've heard of, with a terrible review from Car and Driver (but I still like it)

Don’t let the badge mislead you. The Jeep Commander commands its brand only in name. It is among the youngest nameplates in the Jeep lineup, and its sales figures command little more than an exasperated groan.

Like the disaster that beset another beleaguered commander, General George Custer, at Little Big Horn, what happened to the Jeep’s sales is well chronicled: The price of gas bloated, killing demand for SUVs; and then the value of everything else imploded, killing demand for cars of all types.

(There is a V-6, but just because you have a rope and are near train tracks doesn’t mean you have to tie yourself to them and wait for the 10:15.)

Passing power in this Jeep is the stuff of dreams, as in, “keep dreaming.” With all the aerodynamic grace of a billboard in a tornado, the Commander needs the driver to leg in for a transmission kickdown just to overcome the drag of its upright windshield and grille at highway speeds.


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