Hood ornament identification guide, if it ain't here, don't ask me. I don't know

A lot of people find hood ornaments, and hope to identify them... and some see this guide and with all the items it has, it still doesn't have the one they need to figure out. Sorry! But I didn't make this... and it's good, but not as complete as it could be due to the person who made it probably ran out of resources.

Marland has been taking photos of hood ornaments and was wise enough to caption the images (unlike most of my photos) with the year and model, so see his selection because it is awsome, at http://www.pbase.com/mgrove/hood_ornaments

a small sample of it is pictured below

you can also look through the photos and descriptions at http://janesclassiccarphotos.com/
and http://thecoincidentaldandy.blogspot.com/2011/01/emblems-of-speed-vintage-automobile.html

For all the rest of you who can't find a match to identify the radiator cap or hood ornament you have, and still want help, try the auto museums, which ever one you happen to live closest to. http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2011/02/if-you-are-looking-to-visit-car-museums.html has a list of the best I've heard of, and the links at the very end have the websites with EVERY car museum known.

So ask them, see if they can help. A lot of museums have collections of hood ornaments, the Nethercutt has an amazing collection. Try your library, and see if they have one of the many books made about hood ornaments.

If you find a better source of hood ornament and radiator cap identification, share that source with me and everyone in the future that tries to figure out what they have by emailing me at jbohjkl@yahoo.com or using the comment function.

If you can't get to the museums, or libraries, and are stuck with trying to research your item online, and nothing so far that I've written about, linked to, or posted here has helped, you can also try the "Old Car Manual Project" http://chevy.oldcarmanualproject.com/1929_54chevyparts/index.htm is just the link to the Chevy 1929-1954 stuff

I do wish every one of you the best of luck, and here I've done all I can to help you out. I seriously don't have anything left to offer, and unless you readers send me something to add that will help out other people, which will be posted immediately! I have nothing to give you if you email me asking for help. So I'll be annoyed and irritated with you if you email asking me to identify some object. You would be too after doing all of this to help, and it being ignored.

Just below these words in the upper left hand corner, spotted by sharp eyes of Dale Stephens, are the 1956 FENDER ornaments. So the maker of these posters has the wrong year and concept. They are fender, not hood, and 1956 Chev, not 1957. Thanks Dale!

I just took the photos of the 1950 through 1956 Fords, here's the link: http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2013/04/hood-ornament-guide-ford-1950-to-1956.html

All of these incredible visual ID guide posters are from here: http://www.taillightking.com/Hood_Ornaments.htm


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