1984 Raleigh 555sl Team USA... all original and nearly unused bike needs a new home. I'm tired of storing it, so I'm selling it

I've been storing this for a dozen years... and I've had enough

Chrome Moly tubes under the paint

All Shimano stuff here

Original tires and everything else

by the condition of the stickers, this hasn't seen any water

another view of the tires... and evidence that the tread hasn't been used much if at all. 

the bottom of the kickstand

meant to show the top of the kickstand, I noticed that the original tires were marked Raleigh, so I moved the tire a bit and took the photo again, below

So.. anyone know of a bike fanatic that needs a 30 year old bike in red white and blue, with stars.. some dust, and a uniqueness that will be unmatched in their club, county, and state?

I just looked on Ebay, and an identical bike is at http://www.ebay.com/itm/Raleigh-Team-USA-Vintage-Road-Bike-All-Original-and-Near-Perfect-95-/251425373098?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a8a1ebbaa and that seller has cleaned his up, and is asking $800. So, keep in mind that he is used to selling bikes and might be able to tell you more about this bike

If so, email me, jbohjkl@yahoo.com 


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