What if.. instead of paying at the pump, you were charged by the mile?

Electric cars use the same roads upkept only by the gas tax.. they contribute nothing.

Hybrids use less gas, I've heard, and with the overall increase in all car's average MPG, but corresponding degradation of the roads in general.. bridges (like the one that collapsed a couple years ago on an interstate in Minnesota?) etc etc are not getting repaired well, if at all... it's a ratio of less tax income, more cars on the road, increased costs to repair roads, and now... more electric cars

Will the states just force us to bring our cars in for a computer download? Damn near most if not all new cars are OBD computer recorded, and a hell of a lot of new cars have Nav systems, Blue Link, On Star, etc etc. They just caught Ford admitting to uploading a hell of a lot of nav data, that of course we're told they won't use.

But... suppose the greed (oh yeah, that spending fixation the US Govt at every level is addicted to) has them realize they can now pull off a new "Smog" law type thing, on electric cars. Obviously, electric cars aren't required to stop into the Smog Cert locations, why not a road use tax upload of thier computers? 


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