what 4 door won the 1975 Spring and Summer Nats, and was the runner up at the Winter and Gator Nats? The Gapp and Roush Tiajuana Taxi 1972 Ford Maverick

images from http://www.gapponline.net/tag/tijuana-taxi/ and http://www.competitionplus.com/featured-stories/2773-gapp-a-roush--hailing-the-cab

Gapp, he was the engineer at Ford in charge of the 429 racing engine program for both NASCAR and drag racing in the late 1960's

Roush is Jack's last name, and Jack Roush has made a lot of very fast mustangs. Nuff said

Full long article at http://www.competitionplus.com/featured-stories/2773-gapp-a-roush--hailing-the-cab


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