this might be the best car guy news you'll see this season... Kyle broke out of obscurity by doing car reviews... and was the Make A Wish for a kid with a brain tumor

ain't that cool!

Kyle has over 1500 video reviews, makes over 6 figures with this part time hobby that he did for stress relief from college studies of pharmacy, and his non-auto industry subsidized videos have been seen over 120 million times in the past 5 years

Kyle has a good bio and story about how he made it at but in short, he got his doctorate, got married, and still makes video reviews for fun, and was featured in Car and Driver in 2011, and then on NBC's Today shop (above video)

It gives me hope that my ol blog here that you are looking at might one day get me a job that pays well. Kyle was smart, took a chance with youtube, and scored when his in depth and unbiased reviews became the go to on youtube and they made hima channel and charged for advertising. 


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