this just may revolutionize bike and motorcycle locks

the above video (if it doesn't work go to and watch the top video) has a much better instant communication of what and why this bike lock / antitheft notification system works... better than LowJack, which doesn't let you know your vehicle has been stolen, or your car alarm (ditto) because it does both the functions, loud audible to let people in your bikes area know someone is stealing it, and hits your cell phone letting you know, and then you can use the tracker function to tell cops where it is (might not want to tangle with bike thieves yourself)

the bike lock's batteries are charged when you are riding, and the alarm is triggered in several ways, movement, the cable being cut, and sudden temp changes, like a welding torch or liquid nitrogen

if you think your bike lock is a good one, see if the videos on YouTube agree, because there are a lot here that show that most bike locks are bullshit.

and what ever you do go with, get the best you can afford, lock it as best you can

because some very cheap bolt cutters can cut through some seemingly good ubolts like Master and Schlage:

which gives me the feeling that not only is the above guy lucky no pieces hit him in his head, they flew as fast as bullets, but that Master and Schlage are no good. The most expensive chains or u bolts might be the only safe deterrant.... they'll likely cost 1/4 to 1/2 your bikes value is my guess

Rare instance of a bike thief getting caught:

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