Oldsheimers rears it's ugly head report.. true story of my morning

I get up early and hit the road to drive to Pomona for the Grand National Roadster Show.

Problem #1, lack of sleep.

The exit for White Rd (the best road to get to the fairplex) closed for repairs. I pull up to the fairplex and immediately notice... no hot rods. Forehead meet palm. Repeat as necessary to restart brain memory function.

Problem#2, didn't check calendar of car events... on my own damn website, huh.. whaddya know.

I was supposed to drive to Phoenix for the inaugural Concours at the Biltmore resort. Crap. 830 am from Pomona drive from Pomona would put me in Phoenix at 3pm. Yeah, that's about an hour after the event ends. Terrific. Fine, wasted morning, wasted trip, and I'll be back here in Pomona in 2 weeks for the correct day. So I hit the freeway to get back to San Diego, and from the 10 take the 57 south, which then has a 57/60 split... and I miss the damn exit for the 57. Ugggg! (loud Charlie Brown missing the football as Lucy pulls it away last second, yell) So I look for the 1st exit to flip around and head back to the 57. 2 miles. Greaaat. Whoopee. Just effin peachy. Finally get to the exit, hook a left under the 60 to get the return ramp to go back to the 57... and it's under construction. Yeah...

Problem #3. I'm on surface streets in LA

 and have to bust out the Google Map to see what its going to take to find the damn 57. Sheesh. 5 minutes later I get on the 57. Lousy morning, 3 hours on the freeways, and all I have to show for it is this damn "what I did with my morning" report.

So, sorry everyone, I didn't get to Phoenix to take photos of the Concours. I'll have to see what other people post to see what I missed. And I bet there was some very cool stuff, as all the incredibly rich people in Scottsdale have had a simple 30 minute drive to the Barrett Jackson and other auctions for the past 20 some years, but no Concours to show off their acquisitions


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