London is trying to improve parking... with sensors that input to a system drivers can access to locate empty parking spots, thereby spending less time looking for one

This week, the City of Westminster, Boroughs in Manchester and Birmingham also, London’s local councils, will start embedding the first 0f 3,000 sensors into the streets. They will be in the ground by the end of March, making London the world’s first major city to adopt the long-heralded “smart parking” revolution.

motorists spend an average of 15 minutes searching for a space in Westminster—which with Parliament, the main shopping district, and dozens of tourist sites, has a legitimate claim to be the heart of London.

 If drivers know where the empty spaces are via a smartphone app, they won’t have to cruise the streets looking for one. Each sensor in the ground detects when a car is parked on the street above it.

The list of benefits is long: Apart from reducing traffic, fuel consumption, and emissions from cars, it boosts the local economy as people spend more time in shops, restaurants and offices rather than on the street.

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