don't try to imitate this guy, he seems determined to die a suicide by traffic, but he impressively never hits anything in the longest traffic jam I've ever seen

AutoClandestino commented .. (Thanks!) 
I used to live close to that tunnel before move to London and unfortunately everyone drives like this. I used to drive thru the "aisle" (as they call the space between lanes) in speeds around 80, 90km/h (not 120 like this guy), and one of the reasons is to avoid thieves. In Sao Paulo, if you have a 600cc or higher motorbike and don't drive like this, your bike WILL be stolen. It is not IF, is just WHEN. You WILL. There is a statistic saying that 60% of the 600cc+ motorbikes sold in Sao Paulo WILL BE STOLEN.

And the video below is a no shit bike robbery in progress. The black van at the top of the screen? Cops! Absolutely good fortune for the bike owner, watch how fast this all turns around from bad to good!


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