Disney, Hewlitt Packard, the Wright Brothers, Harley Davidson, Mattel, and Amazon all started in garages.. ain't garages great?! The new Cadillac commercial nails the sentiment

from Ray Bradbury. Back in the 90s he was quoted in American Way magazine (American Airlines) saying: When the Smithsonian asked me to conjure up a technological history of America, I simply replied “Garage.”

“Come again?” they said.

"Build me garages in a vast, scientific vaudeville hall. Then invite your museum visitors to open the garage doors one by one. Open the first and find two bicycles repairmen putting wings on a super-bike and flying it down the Kitty Hawk sand dunes. Fling wide the second and see Henry Ford climbing out from under his pet road-mobile. Third garage door? We’re in California, and we find a pale young man with a mustache drawing a cartoon mouse. Fourth “garage”: a gaggle of Caltech students in Pasadena horsing around with rockets to start the Jet Propulsion Lab. And fifth: Steve Wozniah in a Silicon Valley back-yard garage seeding Apples and harvesting communications. So many garages, so many toys, so many earthshaking devices."
thanks Steve!


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