a speed parts collector sent in a couple photos to Rodders Journal... wow, what a stash!

a set of Ardun heads... man.. that's hard to guess how long he waited to find a set for sale

intakes on either side of quick change center sections

instrument panels, flatheads, banjo steering wheels...

and more intakes and carbs... wow. This is not just a great collection, but a great presentation.

Thanks to Carl Tregler in Erie Pennsylvania! Link to source with a bit more info: http://www.roddersjournal.com/portfolio-item/garage-scene-pennsylvania-gold-mine/?utm_source=TRJ+Newsletter+List&utm_campaign=76172f4c7a-Garage+Scene%3A_1_15_2014&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_016fd74f35-76172f4c7a-85734653


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