Not the news they expected would get my attention, a new LSR for womankind didn't do it, but that there is a dry lake in Oregon did!

The List host Jessi Combs added one heck of a line to her CV earlier this year – she is now the Fastest Woman on Four Wheels. Combs broke the FIA Women's Land Speed Record at a dry lake bed in Oregon, where she recorded a two-way average speed of 393 miles per hour and maxed out at an absolutely astonishing 440 mph.

So there is a 400+ mile per hour spread of flat lake bed in Oregon? Why have you been keeping that a secret?

El Mirage, Black Rock, Bonneville, and that's about the only areas I've heard of in America that are still viable. Lake Gairdner in Australia... and any frozen perfectly smooth lake, long airport runway... (Texas Mile)

But this is the first I've heard of a place in Oregon


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