Louis Blériot, inventor of the 1st practical headlight, and 1st to fly over the English Channel, used his fame and fortune to make motorcycles and airplanes

a 1915 Bleriot

His experimentation and development in aircraft led to fame, fortune and one of the world’s first monoplanes (fixed-wing format with one main set of wing surfaces).

In 1909, he was the first to fly across the English Channel in a heavier-than-air aircraft (others before had flown across in a balloon).

After 1918, with the demand for aircraft slowing down (end of WWI), Bleriot Aeronautique took on contracts to build fishing boats, a motorcycle and a cyclecar. The motorcycles would be manufactured in Paris, the cyclecars in their England factory. Toward the end of its operation, the company would tackle projects to develop a four-engine floatplane (1929), twin-engine airliner with twin fuselages (1931) and a single-engine amphibian flying boat (1931) among many others.

photos and info found on http://goodsparkgarage.com/the-bleriot-motorcycle-and-early-flight/


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