If you know a young gear head... have them watch this, and you might save their car, and their garage, and their life. This DUMB SOB was THIS close to burning himself to death

As soon as you turn on this video, pause it, and see how many stupid dumb ass things are right there easy to spot.

I see the battery on it's side, on the firewall, ready to fall into the engine bay and short out

Plastic gas can (just a wee bit meltable) on the other side of the car, on the firewall

Then, the very very samll garage means one way in and out, no fire extinguisher... and this guy just gets smacked up side the damn head by Murphy's law. You just know it's going to happen.

Found on http://bangshift.com/blog/watch-a-kid-set-his-car-himself-and-nearly-his-whole-shop-on-fire-while-trying-to-start-his-project.html


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