Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts, just released on DVD in time to give for Xmas presents!

I start with Jimmy Stewart and Ruth Buzzy. If you've seen Ruth at work, you'll know why, if you haven't you are in for a great experience.... Ruth was one of the funniest in comedy in my opinion, her jokes were the best, and her shtick was funny too

I've always loved the Honeymooners, because the interactive humor between Art and Jackie was so superb

Evel Knievel, a Bronco, and a tractor too? Yup, among the incredible list of Hollywood legendary stars he had Evel on a panel, and the below clip from his (Dean's) show

Now, Don Rickles plays a big part in every roast, and that incredible "drunk" performer Foster Brooks did a great job every time. Some of the legends that are featured are Johnny Carson, John Wayne, Sammy Davis Jr, George Burns and Bob Hope are in several, Jack Benny and Milton Berle are in several as well, Jimmy Stewart surprised me that he is in so many.

Disc One: Bob Hope and Johnny Carson
 Disc Two: Jimmy Stewart and Sammy Davis Jr.
Disc Three: Jack Benny and Lucille Ball
Disc Four: Dean Martin and Kirk Douglas
Disc Five: Michael Landon and Jackie Gleason
 Disc Six: Don Rickles and Joan Collins

There are several extras, featurettes and interviews also.

Right now I'm posting because of Star Vista's 6 dvd set,

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