best compliment of the month!

G'day Jesse ,

 At this time of year, I like to thank all those people who help me get through this tough life we have.
 And you , my friend are near the top of that list .

 Never a day goes by that I don't sit down and look at " Just a Car Guy " . It really is the best remedy to unwind at the end of a day , and relax .

 Not unlike the old man who would sit down in his favourite chair with the daily paper ....

 Your content is 100% perfect ... don't change a thing . And most of all , keep at it !

 So many people stop doing things , as they never hear from anyone whether it's all worth it . Sadly it's only after the site closes down that they hear from all the people who enjoy it .

 Just two days ago , I recommended your site to a friend I hadn't seen for a while and he has since told me he has spent so many hours looking through all your archives , and he's now hooked . Yours is simply the Best !

 So I hope you have a great Christmas , and be proud in that you sincerely make alot of people's lives more enjoyable .

 All the best ,
 Darryl .
 Brisbane .
 Australia .


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