this is why women model in advertising... but after getting flack from idiots, this Ducati shop manager showed the how stupid critics are, by giving them what they want... equal opportunity to look at men modeling the same Ducati, in the same pose

Everybody happy now? The shop owner is brilliant, give them what they want, prove they were idiots to bitch about the human condition without offering a better solution, and demonstrate the equal rights isn't just a phrase. I feel sorry for all the beautiful women put out of work by cranky activists... beautiful women can only suffer by the activism of others who condemn the natural method of sexing up advertising. Above, you see the opposite, and I think it's incontrovertible... women in advertising sells, men in advertising is ridiculous, but prove a point

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but there are a lot more photos of the same comparison/contrast

Thank you Arun Sharma, general manager of the Ducati dealership in Oregon

you can even buy the calendar!!/~/product/category=3532388&id=29738084

And, best part, all the free advertising of this controversy will only help out the shop that had to put up with the griping. So HA!

They even have 2 years of free maintenance when you purchase a bike there.. applies to IN STOCK models, until Nov 30th 2013

2170 NW. Wilson St Portland Oregon


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