The American Gumball Rally is staging a comeback!

It started off as an annual Woodward Dream Cruise party and has grown into a statewide event that travels over 1000 miles of Michigan every year in August. In his first press interview, Randy Kohler, the founder of the National Gumball Rally said "Anyone can sign up for this fun road-trip especially if you're a fan of Detroit or an automobile enthusiast "​ Randy has also taken this idea of a weekend road-trip and applied it to other states as well. "Instead of driving all the way across the country, let's set up weekend road rally's in each and every state. From the beginning our intentions were to do something different and build this company to a national level of recognition."

The Michigan Gumball Rally was the very first rally started in 2010 when entrepreneur (Randy Kohler) noticed an opportunity. Behind every fun event is a driven force of advertising that many people do not notice. The National Gumball Rally claims they can generate hundreds of millions of impressions per year for advertising sponsors through outdoor vehicle advertising, social media strategy and event planning. In 2009 Randy, 27, first came up with the idea during a road trip and decided to bring the idea to reality after Nelson House, the original founder of The Woodward Dream Cruise died of cancer in 2010. "Someone needed to step up to the plate and lead by example. I set out to organize fun, positive events that anyone can participate in. The Woodward Dream Cruise is the largest one day auto event in the whole world, with an annual attendance of over two million people, and it started as a small fundraiser to earn money for a children's charity."​


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