a movie I want to see get made, Hullabaloo (Steampunk Animation) by James Lopez

Above images from http://hauntedmansion-northside.blogspot.com/p/steampunk-project.html

 here are a couple stills from the car race, followed by the video

above video from http://leoswindow.blogspot.com/

images from http://hauntedmansion-northside.blogspot.com/p/steampunk-project.html

above video and 2 below images from http://leoswindow.blogspot.com/ as he did the computer work to mold the images into an animated movement

found at CTN expo, while walking among the booths! I hope by helping to spread the word, to increase the number of interested people, and have a positive affect on the making of this!


"Between A Rock and a Hard Place" and I hope to see it as an animated short, soon!
above from http://hauntedmansion-northside.blogspot.com/p/60s-caper-film.html

James was an animator at Disney, and a prof of 2nd or 3rd year at Cal Arts (I'm piecing bits of info together here)

But here are some awesome things he's done I enjoyed immensely; Paperman, Flushed Away, and Lion King

I'm not the only one gushing over the project: http://hauntedmansion-northside.blogspot.com/p/steampunk-project.html
Agrona said...
Please, please, please say you have a Kickstarter. I would fund the hell out of this.


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